Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Socks of the Season

While I was working on these during a record-cold Toronto February, I was joking that I just might get them done in time to wear them before it was too hot. Well, I finished them during a faculty meeting at the college; then the weather warmed  up, and it was just cool enough to wear them yesterday.

They're Thermal Textured Socks by Kelly Patla, available on Ravelry. I enjoyed them; they were my first time  trying a flap heel instead of a short-row one, and the pattern was tricky but not maddening. It's basically plain at the back, with a column of seed stitch on each side and broken ribbing across the front. Patla explains in detail how to do all these things; she gives a chart for the pattern, but I re-wrote it for myself as (K1 P1) x 4, K 16, (P1 K1) x 4 and so on.

I think they're made up in Spud & Chloƫ Stripey Fine, maybe in the Mint Chip (#7861) colour? I regret that I may only get to wear them a couple of times before summer kicks in. But they'll be something to look forward to in the fall.

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