Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Hat for Autumn

A neighbour of mine is moving away to Denmark, and she gave me some of her wool stash last week to lighten the moving load. A few days later, I found out that another neighbour's baby has been born. Actually, Autumn was born six months ago, but this has been such a difficult winter that we haven't seen most of our neighbours for months

In any case, knitting was clearly called for. This is the One for Two hat by Elena Troshina, posted free on Ravelry. It's so named because the design includes sizing for an adult as well as a baby. The yarn came without a label; all I know is it's synthetic, and may well have come from some Scandinavian source.

Suffice it to say that I found it way more challenging than I expected. I had to count just about every single stitch, and it's full of mistakes. I like to think the lace pattern is so complicated that no one will really notice. And anyway, the colours are very pretty, as just about everybody said who spotted me working on it.