Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flour and Sugar Bags for the Dollhouse Patisserie

When I discovered that the local dollhouse supply company charges $4 to $6  for a toy flour sack, I thought "This will never do!" Clearly the patisserie will need a great deal of flour—not to mention sugar and coffee. Some other plan had to be devised.

My flour and sugar bags are made with bits and pieces from around the house: some scrap cotton from the rag bag (I have a rag bag for clothes that are too worn for Goodwill), some stuffing material, an art eraser (I have lots) and a red stamp pad.

I carved the labels into the eraser with a small blade cutter. Yes, I made the mistake of cutting out the letters right way around (twice) before I remembered to make them backwards. Then all I had to do was stamp the fabric and sew up the little bags while watching TV with my mom. I'll just have to remember—as my brother remarked—not to launder them, because the ink will run.

Yes, the store-bought  ones are fancier, but these will do me just fine. I think I'll make some coffee bags too, but I'll dye them darker brown with coffee or tea.

So now the upper storey is well on its way.

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