Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in the Lafayette Dollhouse

Before the twelve days are up, I thought I should post some images from my small, "finished" dollhouse, the Lafayette model. The floor of the front room is littered with toys under the tree, including a baseball bat, a sled, a red coaster wagon, a drum and—um—a dollhouse.

The imaginary inhabitants apparently did more baking than me this Christmas. On the table: sugar, flour, eggs, milk, cookie cutters, a cookie tray, a rolling pin and a sifter. One presumes that the butter is in the churn.

There's a writing table in the bedroom. It's piled high with books and letters and a leftover teacup.

The second upstairs room has now turned into a sewing room, with overstuffed bags of wool and half-finished projects. But at least I have some cleaning supplies for tidying up the place.

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  1. So cozy and inviting! Love the Christmas tree and the presents. Santa was generous. Happy 2015!