Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tomato Red Knitted Baby Sweater

I don't need another blog, but I keep wishing I had a place to keep track of home and crafty thoughts. So there we go.

This is a baby sweater that I knitted in an Italian wool from a 1970s-vintage  pattern for the son of a cousin of mine. The contrasting yarn embellishments on the right side were not of course finished when I took this picture. I like making baby clothes that are neither pink nor blue, and I often go for cheesy but washable acrylic. In this case, however, I went for the good stuff.


  1. Sarah, that's beautiful! Love knitting for kids and babies--so lovely and they go nice and fast so you can start the next project. Are you on Ravelry? Nice place to keep track and post without too much writing. A group of us readers/knitters formed a book club last summer--CanLitKnit. We meet in a pub, drink beer, discuss canlit and knit! Great fun. If you're interested we're meeting this Sunday (always in Toronto and easy to get to by public transit). Let me know by twitter or dm and I'll give you details. BTW, what is this pattern? Gorgeous!

  2. Yes, I'm on Ravelry. I don't really keep my own profile up to date, but I hop on to find free patterns. It's a fabulous resource!

    The lit-knit sounds great, by the way!